Personal Data Management

Demonstration of blockchain technology for personalization, trust, and community as used by Regulr, a human-centered technology company that wants people to belong anywhere. See how technology should benefit human connection, not hinder it.

Stephen Dodge, Founder and CEO, Regulr

Stephen Dodge is the Founder and CEO of Regulr. He has expertise spanning networking, virtualization, and storage technologies. Stephen brings a unique background of technology, sales, and customer experience as he was a Systems Engineer for 5 years holding a leadership role in designing, supporting, deploying, managing, and servicing the SAN environment for one of the largest financial institutions globally. Stephen also held a sales and customer experience role at Nordstrom for 5 years where he gained prolific insight and skills by delivering the world-famous Nordstrom experience during his time there as a full-time working student. Stephen is known for his never-ending supply of energy and drive to get things done.
Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am