CIO & Enterprise: Barriers to Change

CIO & Enterprise: Barriers to Change

“When the pace of change outside the organization is greater than the pace of change inside the organization, the end is near.”

Technical & Security Session One: the CIO and Enterprise. Gartner’s September 2019 report states that blockchain has the potential to transform business models across all industries. This session will cover the futurescape of blockchain technology in the modern enterprise, including current transformative blockchain use cases, consortium building, and enterprise-level change, and discuss barriers to change and blockchain adoption. 

Barry Condrey, CIO of Chesterfield County, Virginia
Carol Van Cleef, CEO of Luminous Group LLC
Moderated by Chris Eide, CTO of Connexus Secure

Social Impact

Social Impact

Business & Operations Session One: Social Impact. Blockchain technology is driving social change and enabling large-scale philanthropy. Hear from the CEO of Steem Monsters about how Splinterlands.io and Steem-engine.com are spreading peace, abundance, and liberty, how TraceRX is reinventing and revolutionizing the humanitarian aid supply chain, and how RadicalxChange seeks to strengthen communities and society as a whole, all through blockchain technology.

Blair “Aggroed” Reich, CEO of Steem Monsters Corporation
Matt Rosen, Founder and CEO of TraceRX
William Middleton, Part Time Director of Finance at RadicalxChange
Moderated by April Michelle Palmer, Co-Founder of Pivot LLC